Why a vishai yurt?

Several types of yurts are available now in North America. Most of them are machine made and the shell material is vinyl. What's the difference? In a "modern yurt", a vinyl yurt you may get the cool shape and some sense of yurting, but you will also boil in hot weather and freeze in the cold. It may be more conveniently packaged and lighter for transport, but you don't get any true spirit of ancient traditions.

Here some points to consider and why we believe the vishai yurt is the only way to go:

The vishai yurt is made of all natural and mostly organically grown materials, including: wood, 100% natural and organic felt, canvas, leather ties (holding together the lattice work), horse or camel hair ropes. The only couple more modern additions are the weatherproofing canvas and maybe a couple of standard ropes in addition to the all hand-made ones mentioned above.

Moreover the vishai yurt will have no remaining impact on your plot of land. No foundations are needed (unless your deck requires some) and the structure can be moved or removed anytime. If you move, your yurt can move with you.

If one thinks of karma as the total quality and quantity of energy that is put towards something (which is one possible definition of karma), one can only start imagining how positively charged the vishai yurts are. Each and every piece is made by hand with just manpower. Where these yurts are made, electricity is non-existing. So hand made here means no help of power tools or anything other than very simple tools and the dedication of men and women. This is part of the explanation of why the energy feels so radiant when one sits in a vishai yurt. The "imperfection" of every piece becomes part of the perfection of the whole.

As the natural resources of the plains of Mongolia become interesting to the global trade and private property rights have been introduced - and moreover only about 35% of all nomads even have enough life stock to survive, nomadism with all its millennia of culture and wisdom is facing a serious challenge. The only way this precious culture will be able to survive, is by showing the world its beauty and exchanging goods and wisdom to the far corners of the world.

By buying a vishai yurt (or any other vishai product), you are helping a nomadic family in Mongolia to survive. Pass on the word and many more families will receive the much needed help.

One should never underestimate the power of beauty and sensuality. By its own means it can change someone's mood and energy. It's like an instant healer, especially when it comes in form of space, as it will always be there when you need it. No matter how bad your mood or how low your spirits, meditating in a Mongolian yurt or even just simply visiting such a yurt will leave you feeling better. The circular space with all its symbolic paintings harnesses powerful energies of tranquility and lets you share them whenever you visit.

The vishai yurt is THE original Mongolian yurt, which has been developed over millennia. It is so simple, nomads can build it out of material they have in their environment and they can be built it with the simplest of hand tools. Yet it is so sophisticated it is the only nomadic structure that can adapt to the harshest of climates, including most incredible desert sand storms, and snow & ice storms. It is insulated so it can keep relatively warm in the winter and cool during the harsh Mongolian summer heat. Its combination of tensile and load bearing strength lends the structure its surprising stability.

According to Mongolian tradition, a yurt represent a microcosm of the universe. It is said to form a bridge between inner world and outer world and thus facilitate communication between the individual and the universal.

You are cordially invited to apply these timeless ideas and see for yourself...