Putting up a yurt takes a practiced Mongolian family about 1-2 hours max. It took us considerably longer to put up our first yurt. For first-timers we recommend to plan for an entire afternoon. You're best off with about 4-6 yurters. (Too many helpers can get a little chaotic...)

An essential part of "yurting" is the social aspect. It is supposed to be an event for families, friends & neighbors and can be perfectly combined with a little bbq party.



Upon purchase of a yurt, you will receive "yurting" instructions. We plan to have downloadable instructions here soon.

Also, we will be posting yurting events here, so future yurters can come and practice. Our first yurting event was held in L.A. on May 15th. Most likely we will have a second one on May 30th. If you are interested in attending the yurtivities or would like us to post your own yurting events, please email us at


Happy yurting!