Every time you purchase anything form the vishai shop, you help us setting up the vishai foundation.


To support the ancient nomadic culture of Mongolia to overcome modern day challenges which have been threatening the survival of nomadic lifestyle.


Mission :

To bring support to the nomads on three levels:


1. We will give nomadic families economical support by purchasing goods made by the families and purchase them in accordance with the rules set forth by the Fair Trade Federation . All goods vishai purchases are handmade by nomadic families out of local materials and in traditional methods.


For many nomadic families the herding of life stock is no longer a sufficient economic basis for survival, and thus an additional income source is essential. Because of the lack of this additional income source, many nomads have been driven to the capital Ulaanbaatar , where fast urbanization with almost no infrastructure has led to catastrophic poverty, pollution, and social problems.


2. vishai foundation will provide educational support by helping to set up a nomadic access system (NAS), where nomads can access information to assist them in preserving and evolving their nomadic way of life with the challenges of the 21 st century. Nomads empowered knowing their economic and legal rights is critical to the positive evolutionary path of this once closed country. Mongolia has only received its democratic constitution in 1992, hence many people do not know how to execute their rights nor know what their rights even are. In addition, many people do not know what their economic rights and opportunities are in the age of free markets and globalization. Knowledge of these rights increase the probability of economic, educational, and legal access to influence many crucial policy issues that will affect the future of this country i.e. environmental, industrial, educational, etc…


3. vishai foundation will provide legal support to ensure the maintenance of the vast and continuous public lands. This is the very basis for the survival of nomadic life. Also, vishai foundation will support policies that call for turning the largest public parts of Mongolian territory into national park land. This will secure unhindered access for nomads and also ensure environmental safekeeping of the public land.